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Classified Submission Software

Myfree Classifieds(MYC) is submission software for creating and submitting ads to free classified sites. Our software is professional multi-award winning submission software that submits information about your product or service to 1000's of free classified websites with just a few button clicks. It is simply the best promotional software available to give you exposure for your items. This time saving tool can save time and allow for a greater range of exposure across the Internet.

Where do we post ads?

We have a great partnership with Citynews, a top 5 free classifieds network. By Top 5, we mean a network that receives over 1,000,000 page views per month. This partnership has allowed us to create submission software that posts into their entire network with just "one-click". Once you have our system, you will have purchased the rights to post to the entire network forever.

Citynews targets classified submissions by locations and country. You can post ads in whatever category you want across the entire network and in several countries. Place all your local ads; statewide and worldwide into 1,300 locally operated around the globe. Post ads onto websites in the United States, Asia, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, South America, Australia and Africa.

Normally massive submissions into this network would cost you a good chunk of change. Take a look at the direct submission rates for Citynews.

  • Statewide: $14.95/ad
  • United States & Canada: 12 cents/ad/city
  • Global: $104.90/ad

...but if you are using MYC you will save tons of cash because your submissions will be FREE as long as you are using our software. This system will pay for itself in just a few postings. You simply cannot beat this type of free advertising anywhere! Download our free trial version; try out our submission tool technology.

MYC has been developed to offer the Internet Marketer a powerful but user-friendly marketing tool that allows you to keep your site submitted throughout the Internet on thousands of websites regularly. Submissions to thousands of sites regularly will keep your site exposed to potential customers.

On a daily basis our submission software has helped many webmasters and entrepreneurs expose their websites to thousands of prospective consumers. The more places you are listed the more chances you have of attracting clientele and this is very important to the life of your website.

MYC you will save tons of cash because your postings will be FREE as long as you are using our software. This system will pay for itself in just a few postings. You simply cannot beat this software anywhere!

The purpose of MYC is to post free ads, allow users to reach more potential customers through mass advertising, and save advertising time. Use this free submission software to promote what you want whenever you want.... FREE!

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